Services NTP Logistics can offer you

NTP has a list of services from which customers can select. This ranges from a complete one-stop logistics solution to individual service componentsthat can be selected from our list of services below. 

We serve all sectors of industry from medical, manufacturing, mining, chemical through to nuclear plus all cross-over industries in-between, the common denominator usually being hazardous goods. Of course this does not mean that we turn our backs on handling standard, non-hazardous cargo which we will deal with in the same caring manner as we do for all the more-challenging goods we handle.

Transport Modes

Air, Sea, RoadRail Transport all fall solidly in our comfort zone and NTP Logistics is well experienced in utilising and managing all these modes. So leave it up to us to help you select the best mode that suits your needs best.

Our Services Include

  • Cross Trade Shipments
  • Transhipment's / RIT shipments
  • Characterising & classification of goods according to international criteria
  • Identifying matching packaging to suit the category of goods as per international regulations.
  • Sourcing the required packaging.
  • Packing, closure and signing-off of each package
  • Pick-up and drop-off service to local destinations or point of departure (harbour, airport, train depot)
  • Security and/or traffic escort arrangements during transit
  • Customs clearance in country of departure and destination country.
  • Pick-up and delivery to consignee in destination country.
  • Tracing of goods during the course of its journey up to delivery point

Forward & Clearing

With hazardous goods being controlled substances, fast and efficient forwarding and clearing through customs require a thorough knowledge of the special requirements and paperwork required for its movement across border.

NTP Logistics is vastly experienced in these requirements ranging from the type of customs documentation that is required, dangerous goods declarations, applicable permits and licenses for cross-border transport and package labels. NTP Logistics also has direct electronic link-up with customs for ease of submission and receiving of customs clearance of your goods.  

NTP Logistics is a WCA International network member, the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, 6394 member offices in 192 countries operating from 789 cities and ports worldwide  giving our customers access to a global network and access to the world.  

Global Footprint & Global Reach

  • World’s largest and most powerful network independent freight forwarders
  • 6394 member offices 
  • 192 countries 
  •  789 cities and ports worldwide

Categorization & Packaging

Hazardous goods are classified into various categories according to international guidelines and commensurate with its nature, form as well as the magnitude of risk it poses. NTP logistics is well conversant with the appropriate international and local codes for air, marine, road and rail transport and can assist with the classification of your goods.

After classification, NTPL then sources the matching packaging commensurate with the category of the goods. Again a thorough knowledge is required of the codes and regulations in order to match goods with the appropriate packaging, something which NTP Logistics excels at. The controls over, and requirements of, packaging vary and depends on the classification and the nature of the goods it carries. These range from very low levels of control through to very extensive controls which include strict design, manufacturing quality control, testing and licensing requirements for each package. NTP Logistics prides itself on being a leader in its field to: 

  • Source existing high-level packaging from international owners and suppliers
  • Design, manufacture, test and license unique high or medium-level packages for specialized applications
  • Performing and overseeing In-country license validation for packaging with licenses issued in foreign countries
  • Making up low-level packaging to suit the needs of your unique goods.

Safe & Secure Transport

Safety concerns with transporting hazardous goods are mostly taken care of by an integrated approach by all role players and elements in the logistics chain.

A logistics management company such as NTP Logistics is experienced in managing all aspects of the logistics chain to ensure the safe and reliable transport and delivery of your goods.

Some elements in this chain include:

  • correct classification of the goods
  • careful selection of matching packaging
  • correct loading of the gods into the packaging
  • correct closure and testing of packaging according to prescribed procedures
  • compliance of the transport means (airplane, train, marine vessel or road hauler) to requirements
  • training, experience and certification of personnel and handlers involved in the transport