Quality & Regulatory

  NTP Logistics is ISO9001:2008 certified employing a Quality Management System that governs and controls all aspects of our operations, underpinning our commitment to customer service, continuous improvement and quality service.  

The logistics and transport of Cargo are governed and controlled by a number of national and international regulators to which consignors, consignees and transporters have to conform. At NTP Logistics associations, accreditation’s, regulations and extensive experience in how to comply with them.

Where information may be lacking, we are part of an international network through which such information can be obtained.  

    • International Atomic Energy Agency TS-R-1 Transport regulations
    • International IATA and ICAO air transport regulations
    • International Maritime Dangerous Goods
    • Codes Country-specific regulations
    • South African National Nuclear Regular (NNR), Department of Health, South Africa Department of Energy. 


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