About Us

NTP Logistics (SOC) Ltd (NTPL) manages the domestic and international logistics of all types of cargo, specialising in high value, time sensitive and hazardous cargo. NTPL provides the full spectrum of land, sea and air transport services. NTPL specialises in the transportation of radioisotopes. The movement of radioisotopes is a complex process and the one-size-fits-all logistic service that is generally offered by the freight industry is not sufficient. 

Radioisotopes products have a limited shelf life, are of high value and are classified as a class 7 hazardous commodity. Therefore, a freight company requires in-depth knowledge of the product prior to formulating a logistics solution for the movement of such cargo. NTPL has the required capability and expertise to give a customised product offering that meets all the requirements.   

Global Footprint  

NTPL has access to both local and international markets. The headquarters of NTPL are in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, which is in close proximity to the OR Tambo International airport. Furthermore, NTPL has satellite offices in the ports of Durban and Cape Town. The company has an international footprint through its membership with the World Cargo Association (WCA) and the WCA Time Critical specialty network. 

The network has 6394 independent freight forwarders in 192 countries and 789 cities.  The WCA Time critical Network is the home of the world’s finest independent freight forwarders whose core business is in international time sensitive logistics; Every member has demonstrated the capability to handle customised logistics solutions on behalf of clients that require extremely rapid and reliable services.   

Regulations & Associations  

The transportation of hazardous cargo requires compliance to various local and international standards, as such, NTPL has prioritised these regulations. The company operates under a quality management system that is ISO 9001 compliant, certified by DEKRA (an internationally accredited company) and has a level1 B-BBEE rating, verified by Empowerdex. The company also has authorizations from the National Nuclear Regulator, Department of Health, as well as the Department of Energy to move all classes of hazardous cargo.

NTPL is a proud and active member of the World Nuclear Transport Institute and the Chemical Allied Industries Association for Responsible Care. Responsible Care is a global initiative by the (chemical and related) industry to raise safety, health and environmental standards throughout the sector through a comprehensive and harmonised programme of risk assessment, risk management and risk minimisation. The initiative is based on a set of core ethical principles, and it is much more than just a set of declarations and good intentions. NTPL is also an active member of the South African Association of Freight Forwarders.  

Partnerships & Experience  

The joint venture between Transglobal (49%) and NTP Radioisotopes (51%) created good synergies; with Transglobal providing the expertise and experience in forwarding and clearing, and NTP Radioisotopes providing the radioactive expertise. In leveraging both shareholders’ expertise, NTPL staff have acquired vast experience: Senior staff has more than 60 years combined experience in the field of forwarding and clearing; and More than 85 years of combined experience in radioactive and time sensitive cargo.

NTPL’s approach to logistics management is unique and is influenced by years of handling delicate, and “must fly” at no risk products. NTPL is committed to providing a predictable and diligent service to its clients. 

“Providing safe and compliant transport is not just an occupation, but a passion for us.”  

Operational Infrastructure

NTP Logistics utilises the most modern IT support systems to enable us to provide our customers with the best and fastest service possible.
This includes:

  • Cargowise
  • E-Customs
  • ISDL networking

Over and above the system described above, NTP Logistics also operates an internal office network plus an external one linking us to the offices of our collaborators in Cape Town and Durban. 

NTP Logistics does provide delivery services using a small fleet of light delivery vehicles. The vehicles are fully compliant with the applicable requirements for carrying dangerous goods including tracking devices which allow controllers at headquarters to monitor and track the vehicles real-time whilst in transit.

Our Offices

NTP Logistics is spread over three office suites occupying a total floor space of 437m2. The company’s operational headquarters is located in Kempton Park, Gauteng adjacent to the OR Tambo International airport. It is operated by eleven staff members. 

NTP Logistics also operates two satellite offices on the Pelindaba Nuclear Site in close proximity to Pretoria and Johannesburg. The first is an operations office manned by seconded staff dedicated to the day-to-day operational activities for the logistics of NTP Radioisotopes and NECSA. The second office suite is for administration and special projects and is occupied by three staff members.